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Sophisticated organic olive oil from Spain's Soler Romero.

Great taste, great history, great production.

2005 Peter and Linda D'Aprix

This is one of the most delicate, subtle and delicious olive oils we have had the pleasure to taste. It does not hurt that the producer, Soler Romero, is dedicated to sustainable, organic farming. It can be purchased directly from their web site (click here) which is produced in both Spanish and English.

olive oil

Close-up of carafe of Soler Romero organic olive oil

Production Facility

The Soler Romero production facility in the middle of the family estate, surrounded by the olive groves.

Mature olive tree

Mature Olive Trees

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Soler Romero has been around for some time. It is a family business with a long tradition in olives and olive oil. It only processes olives produced on its own farm -- olives that are always cultivated with environmental-friendly techniques. Their estate, Cortijo "El Tobazo," is located in Alcaudete (Andalusia), in the province of Jaen, in souther Spain (map). They have been using organic farming methods at Cortijo "El Tobazo" for over 25 years, and they are the only methods that they use.

Soler Romero Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100% natural olive juice, exclusively made of the family olive groves, of the "picual" variety, with no additives or blends, and without filtering, so it preserves all its flavor and positive properties.

Soler Romero is the first Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain to obtain the USDA ORGANIC seal. After fulfilling all the exigencies of NOP Regulation (National Organic Program) of the United States, Soler Romero obtained on September 2003 the authorization to distribute in the US its Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the USDA ORGANIC seal. The United States requires all organic products coming from third countries to fulfill their National Organic Program (NOP); this way the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can guarantee U.S. consumers that the product they are buying comes really from organic production.

2 product lines

2 product lines -
Organic and uncertified organic

Production Facility

Spotless hygienic production center with vats and crushers.

Main house.

Main house.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Various sizes are available at reasonable prices.

Organic olive farming stands in stark contrast to conventional olive farming -- where a culture of intensive labor predominates with the massive application of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Conventional farming provokes the loss of the agrarian landscape, which is disappearing year after year, and the diminution of the fauna and flora diversity.

On the basis of their environmental-friendly methods, Soler Romero is a member of the Andalusian Committee Association of Ecological Agriculture (CAAE), which is the organization that controls and certifies our cultivation system according to the European ecological agriculture standards. CAAE inspectors visit their olive grove regularly where they control and certify the techniques applied, guaranteeing in this way the correct application of the agricultural practices included in the regulation of the organic production of the European Union.

While organic production does not always translate into the best taste, we have found that most of the best tastes in wines, olive oils, vegetables, bakery items and meats have all been produced organically, that is as nature intended as opposed to created in the lab and/or raised with lots of man made chemical compounds. It also ensures that the soil will continue to produce food for us and our children for generations to come. So we are delighted to confirm that this olive oil has not only been produced with respect for the land but for the palate as well.

There is a lot more information on their web site all of which is most interesting (link below) and you can also order the oils directly from their site.

Spanish Head Office:

Soler Romero
Castelló, 36
28001 Madrid, Spain
tel: 34-91.435.34.63
fax: 34-91.431.34.57
web site: http://www.soler-romero.com
e-mail: export@soler-romero.com


Mature Olive Trees


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