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Himalania® Pink Salt from the Himalayas

This is a most unusual salt. You may think salt is just that white stuff that comes in a round box, but nothing could be further from the truth. While Morton's is certainly salt, it is a highly refined salt without the trace minerals that sea salt and other salts contain that make them not only better for you but put taste in a whole new realm.


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Pastis of Henri Bardouin

Pastis of
Henri Bardouin

Finely milled in France and packed with a wooden spoon, Himalania® Pink Salt comes from the mountains of Himalaya, at 10,000 feet high. It is a fossil marine salt which was formed more than 200 million years ago during the Secondary area. Since the beginning of time, salt has been the principal source of income for people living in those remote regions. Because food preserved in salt retains its nutritional properties for several months, Himalayan people use it to keep fish and meat all year long. They also use it as a currency in trading.  For centuries, once a year in springtime, the Himalayan people have been transporting the salt to the Nepalese valleys for trade. Heavily burdened yaks  carry the salt, traveling along narrow sloping paths, often these paths have been carved in cliffs. Once they have arrived at their destination, the salt is traded for cereals, which is the staple of the diet for these Himalayan salt traders. It is easy to understand why salt has always been so precious for mankind.

Salt is an indispensable condiment, a crucial component for our body's balance. Himalania® Pink Salt has exceptional characteristics. It is completely pure.  It also has strong nutritional and health enhancing properties. Finally, it possesses an incomparable taste! Its natural pink color and its origin make this salt a very unique product. Starting in April 2004, Himalania® Pink Salt will be available in specialty food and natural markets. Packaged in an 8.8oz recyclable box, Himalania® Pink Salt has a Suggested Retail Price of $9.99.

Himalania® Pink Salt is 100% natural, unrefined and unpolluted.  Because nothing is added, the Himalania® Pink Salt has retained its precious purity. Himalania® Pink Salt is naturally rich in elements and minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, and Iron).  Iron is the naturally rich element which creates the unique pink color of this speckled salt.

Taste wise Himalania® Pink Salt is incomparable. Between coarse and fine salt, its granulometry and crunch are a part of its distinctive flavor. Sprinkled on raw or cooked food, it will sing to your buds. Himalania® Pink Salt is a delight for the senses.

Served in a clear salt grinder or an open salt dish, it will undoubtably provide an alternative talking point at meals with friends to politics, religion or sex!

In the United States you can buy this salt from "Sur la Table" and from their web site http://surlatable.com. Just do a search for pink salt.

American Importers:

Brandstorm Inc.
Fine and Gourmet food
10853 Venice Blvd. Ste. #2
L.A., CA 90034
tel: 1-310-559-0259
fax: 1-310-559-0289
web site: http://www.brandstormus.com

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