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Videos of Hotel La Ponche***** & Restaurant La Ponch,
St. Tropez, Cote d'Azur, France


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Tour the Hotel La Ponche
Have a video tour of the hotel inside and out.

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Join us for lunch & dinner in the hotel's restaurant "La Ponche"
Join us as we enjoy a lunch on the covered terrace of Restaurant La Ponche then dinner with a view of the little open square in front with views of the sea and fantastic people watching between courses.

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Enjoy a welcome with a bit of history on the family hotel La Ponche from owner and director Madame Duckstein.
Owner Madame Duckstein was born over the bar before it grew and became a hotel then a 5 star hotel. She will fill you in on a bits of its history and how it went from a simple fisherman's bar to a 5 star hotel and fine restaurant.

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Recipe Preparation - "Fillets of Sardines Marinated in Lemon and Olive Oil.
Executive Chef Christian Geay shows you how to simply prepare a refreshing summer dish of chilled marinated fillets of sardines with vegetables and on a bed of salad. It can be prepared with almost any very fresh fish but the sardines from just out in the mouth of the bay are just the right size.

Accompany chef Geay to visit the fishing father and son team Raggio in the St. Tropez fishing harbor.
Executive Chef Christian Geay takes us just a block from the restaurant to the area of the harbor still devoted to active fishing boats to meet with Dédé Raggio and son Pascal bringing in the morning's catch of Rock Fish for the famous Soupe de Poissons of Restaurant La Ponche and the Red Snapper that features in many of their dishes.

Video Peter D'Aprix © 2015

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